2016 Hechter Cousins Reunion

Scottsdale, AZ

February 19-21

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Friday night February 19th…to start off the weekend….. we are meeting at Sue and Barry’s house for drinks, dinner and major hugging, chatting, etc. and on Saturday night at Uncle Ted’s and Aunt Gail’s place for more food, booze, chat, hugs and am sure even a few smoochie kisses. There is much to do in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area. You may want to ride a horse or go hiking, visit a gallery or museum, shop in the gazillion stores or just laze by a pool during the day….we figured we would leave that up to you to decide…..and just co-ordinate the evening. As for Sunday….some of you may be leaving to go home and we don’t have any itineraries at this point so ….no plans yet. We will work on that once we know your schedules. So please forward your time lines….arrivals, departures…..and hotel info as soon as you know. Don’t forget to look into booking your flights and accommodations asap as this time of year is quite hectic in AZ, If you have any questions please give us a call or an email and we will try to answer any queries.

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There are many things to do in Scottsdale. If you need some ideas here are a few links that might help, Top 142 things to do in Scottsdale from TripAdvisor and Scottsdale AZ Events & Attractions. There also places that make a good day trip. Jerome is a fun trip its about 2 hours from Scottsdale (based on mapquest). Prescott is also around 2 hours (based on mapquest).

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Yes we are in Arizona! January 7th we got 2 inches of snow. The Palo Verde tree in the front yard broke in 4 places. I think we have had snow 6 out of the seven years we have been here.

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